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We have fresh vegetables and fruits at your doorstep, we guarantee the quality and prices. Download Trenjh and get it Fresh. تطبيق ترنجه للخضار والفواكه الطازجة بضغطة زر طلبك يصل الى منزلك في دقائق .. نضمن لك الجودة والأسعار حمل تطبيق ترنجه وخلها تجي لك

تطبيق ترنجه لتوصيل الخضار والفواكه

                                                                                      حمل التطبيق لتصلك الخضروات والفواكه الطازجة يومياً

Download Trenjh. Place order and enjoy.

Promote an intelligent technical system that markets the local agricultural product and embower farmers and vegetable store owners to be present through the online market to increase production and sales until delivery to the consumer with high quality and standard.

Why Trenjh

Quick Delivery

Our average time starting from the first minute of your chosen period we can prepare your order and delivery it in less than 45 minutes. 

Customer Support

We have a quick customer support that can help you order and follow up your orders any time.

High Quality 

With Trenjh you don't need to ask for quality we care about each piece in your order. 

   صاحب محل خضار وفواكه ؟ تواصل معنا لنكن شركاء النجاح

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